Key Features


Whether in an emergency or simply running late, our products activate instantly and last for hours.


Small, compact and convenient on the run and usable across many terrains and situations.


Reliable, stable and safe to use, providing users with peace of mind and comfort.


Designed with you in mind, it is easy for anyone to use and made to fit any lifestyle.


The world is a beautiful place and our products help us to keep it that way easy disposal and non-polluting materials.

Made In India

Our products are conceptualized, designed and produced locally and ethically.

Current Products

Commercialized (manufactured and marketed) through an exclusive license by Latent Heat2Comfort Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad


Life Saving Warmth Packed In a Bag

NeoWarm - Life Saving Warm Blanket is instant, portable, non-electric, ready to use, and air-activated warm blanket that is designed specifically to support premature, low birth weight newborn children to maintain thermoneutral temperature during transport. Based on air-activated heating technology (patents pending), NeoWarm® is ready for use in less than 15 minutes simply upon exposure to air and keeps the baby warm for up 8 hrs.

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Beat the Chill

StayWarm, the first product launched by H2C that provides lasting and comfortable warmth without any need for power supply or batteries. Palm-size pouches, that conveniently fit in pockets, gloves, or shoes provide 6-8 hours of warmth. The product performs well in all kinds of situations: at home, office or outdoors, whether it is going to office or having fun and adventure at a ski resort. StayWarm helps you beat the chill and assists you travel/work with ease.

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Pain Relief on The Go

ThermAid is an instant, portable, non-electric heat pack for relieving chronic pain. It gives up to 8 hours of deep, sustained and therapeutic heat, on demand, and at the required location. It safely and reliably provides gradually increasing heat over time. It comes with an optional easy to use peel-and-stick adhesive to hold ThermAid at the required position. ThermAid can be used on the go, while working at your office or even while sleeping.

    Upcoming Products

    Explore the list of Upcoming Products that are currently under development at Parisodhana Technologies using the Air Activated Warming Platform technology.

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