ThermAid is an instant, portable, non-electric heat pack for relieving chronic pain. It gives up to 8 hours of deep, sustained and therapeutic heat, on demand, and at the required location. It safely and reliably provides gradually increasing heat over time. As opposed to the sudden exposure to high temperature using regular electric heater belts and hot water bags, ThermAid’s gradual increase in temperature is the most appropriate way of administering heat therapy suitable to the human physiology. As the contact materials are made of hypoallergenic materials, ThermAid can be safely attached to the inner clothing. It comes with an optional easy to use peel-and-stick adhesive to hold ThermAid at the required position. ThermAid can be used on the go, while working at your office or even while sleeping. It is convenient – Most of the existing products restrict the user to a bed or to an electric plug point whereas, ThermAid allows the user to be mobile while relieving pain.

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