StayWarm, the first product launched by H2C, provides lasting and comfortable warmth without any need for power supply or batteries. Palm-size pouches, that conveniently fit in pockets, gloves, or shoes provide 6-8 hours of warmth. The product performs well in all kinds of situations: at home, office or outdoors, whether it is going to office or having fun and adventure at a ski resort. StayWarm helps you beat the chill and assists you travel/work with ease. Do not burn coal or wood and cause environmental pollution, just use StayWarm as your personal heater.

Key Features

-40°C to + 40°C

Ambient Temperature Range

450 to 760 mm HG

Ambient Working Pressure

Sea Level to 18000 Ft

Test Altitude (Tested at Khardung La Pass)

45°C (+/- 2)

Maximum Temperature

2 - 5 Minutes

Activation Time

Up to 8 Hours


As Dry Solid Waste


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