QuiQool® is available in two variants.

  1. Instant Cool Pack Suitable for on the go first-aid for sports injuries and outdoor activities
  2. Instant and Reusable Cool Pack This variant is designed to eliminate the 4-6 hours lag in cold therapy due to mandatory freezing requirement of standard gel packs. A first of its kind cool pack that enables physiotherapists, dental surgeons to offer cold compression immediately after the procedures without requiring the use of freezers at their clinics. The patients will have the benefit of reusing the cold pack after the first use, by freezing the gel pack from second use onwards.

Technical Specifications


Squeeze and Shake for first time application. Refrigerate and use subsequently.

Ideal Conditions for Use

Use a cloth between cold pack and skin. For external use only.

Duration below 15°C

Upto 15 minutes at an ambient temperature of <25°C

Ideal Duration for Use

5 to 10 minutes for Instant Relief

Time to reach 10°C

<1 minute at an ambient temperature of <25°C


Contents as wet waste & Packaging as recyclable waste

Suitable For

Sports Injuries/Sprains


Dental Surgeries

First Aid

Adventure Tourism

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